It is nighttime now. I am wrapped in darkness yet I feel light, lightness of being. I sit here in the shadow of day contemplating sunshine. A masculine force and unwaivering comfort. The rays touch my eternal soul and illuminate life from within. Ah, how I love life. How I love the warmth that emanates from me even on the coldest eve. It is the sun’s song which serenades the elegant moon. The feminine moon tempts you into her darkest hour and her hidden parts remain a mystery. It is the sun and the sun alone who can see inside her, through her and around her. He chases her again until nightfall, or is it she who follows him into the day forevermore? As I contemplate sunshine I am reminded of true love; it is to be experienced yet not obtained.

The light shines never without you and always from within.




I set out on an exploration today giving myself permission to express. First, I asked myself, what exactly does that mean to me? I’ll tell you: Now that we have gathered enough information, aligning ourselves with our ultimate truth, our highest awareness of love, our purpose, we can alas allow freedom of expression. Now that we have dispelled any illusion, mastered our sense of self, created our ideal space and practiced, practiced, practiced, we can wholeheartedly give ourselves permission to express. Without fear we enter the arena of unconditional love and support for ourselves both as the artist and as the self. We pay homage to the life force which allows us to be and humbly we offer our gifts without restraint as to be representatives of the truth. We may honestly express our pain with the intent to heal and we may allow ourselves to “go there” to prove we have let go. And just before we feel we may have gone too far, we will all the while return home to ourselves.

Expression is the way to be. Reflection is the place to be.

The point is simply, to be.



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I pull back the shades to find the sky is cloudless; unobstructed light enters my temple. You press me gently against the window to be sure that you can see through. The cold stained glass touches my skin. A shiver corrects my posture – chest up, my heart is open. I need you to see. It is not enough that I tell you and why would you believe anyone but me? I mean you.. merely an extension and simply my reflection, I promise, we are One. Life is better observed with clarity and love strengthens my point of view. Eye contact plays foreshadow to soul lock and together we represent transparency. Trusting this fresh perspective, please tell me, what do you see through me? Let us open the window now so we can feel this world clearly. It is time to roam free. Do not worry my love, you are a part of me.

I will show you, I am see-through.




Much like the bone structure of Earth you are the foundation of purpose to your Mother. Significant as the resonance of a birthstone, made up of organic elements gifted by the Gods. Much more than a pebble, may you feel the flow of formless liquid just as the river rock weathered by water, uncut and pure. With tiger-eyes I glance into your sapphire soul. Behind genie eyes of gold flakes and jade, I see aquamarine in the depth of your ocean’s glow. Embrace your semi-precious abundance of creativity. Please know that you alone carry every single hue of the rainbow. Your vibrance is to be experienced and explored. I wish for you to return home to yourself in every corner of this world. Become a chameleon of color. Believe in the richness of your being and know the rarity of following your ruby heart. Adorn yourself in the meaning of this world’s treasures. In this land of materialism we must remain connected to the metaphysical energies there within. If ever you feel rough I will polish you up until you shine.  Pressurized to perfection my Son, you are solid. I will for the resilience of your diamond mind.

My love for you is ever growing and know that for all time you’re a crystal, kid.



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I often say what I feel. Especially when I am inspired, I feel the need to share it. When I am uncomfortable, I speak my way through it. When I am hurt, I do cry. Being in love is the best. We become most alive going on and on about the intricacies of life. The excitement cannot and should not be contained! We sing our song and I like my music loud. And then we arrive at a time to be quiet. I feel at great depth and sometimes I perceive silence as frost. I prefer the warmth of words and joyous laughter. I love boisterous connection but I am learning my quiet now. There is a balance. Less noise, more listening. Perhaps I have become too busy doing rather than being. I sense calm in the distance. I will embrace the sensory details and absorb each present moment. I am enjoying the whistling winds through the trees. I hear messages between sentences and I am listening to my heart beat. No reflecting on memories for now. I will save my wishes for later. I am wandering in an organic garden, the taste of fresh blackberries, the scent of spring roses and me. Rooted where I stand, I am alive in the present and I am at peace. Centered. A soft power. A whisper in love. Let us be open to alternative communicating. The intuitive kind. Let us express ourselves through eye contact, vibrations and dance.

I would love to talk to you but it is my time to be quiet.

I will speak to you later.

I am enjoying the quiet now.




I am thinking of Syria. I am connecting with my ancestors and dreaming of a culture I will never live to see. The blood lines run with energetic motion through my veins and I ask myself, why? I fear for the safety of the aunts and uncles and cousins I have never met. I wonder their location, their state of being, their level of hope and their faith in God. I feel myself suffering for the refugees of war. Distant relatives of mine and yours, I wish I could invite you home to me. Body, mind and soul just like ours yet circumstance has defined their fate. There has to be a better way and somehow we must create a peaceful day. Powerless. I ask myself what I can do. I am thinking of you Syria. I am praying for the children around the world. I am contributing to the love on the planet and I hope to find a place to use my voice and to speak for those who have been silenced. These are my thoughts. We are in a new age. When will mankind be free? I am thinking of my heritage and I am thinking of yours. We are all one. It is time we act as such. All relatives. It is all relative. I am thinking of World Peace. I am thinking of Love. I am imagining my 4 year old mother walking the city streets of Aleppo and I am grateful she experienced the ancient beauty of this place. I am crying for the children of Syria who have been misplaced. I am dreaming of a culture I will never see. I am dreaming of sharing a culture that lives in me.



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I must touch down to my roots. There is unfinished business. We aren’t raised without our communities. Have you created the opportunities to give back? I know who I am. I am aware of the gifts of where I come from. I know the value of the relationships I’ve sustained since a young age. I know these lifelines to supply some of my greatest inspiration. I recognize these energies as love. Creative love. Community love. I’ve spent much time wandering, exploring and growing. We grow with the intent to evolve beyond our current environment. Maybe it’s an environment of the mind or the physical space around us. I feel the tug of my solid roots. Concepts of family have been redefined in my lifetime. Where did you come from? Do you have a place you call home? Maybe it’s time to touch back.



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Are you the clothes on your back or the skin you live in? Are you the thoughts you think or only the words you’ve expressed? Are you the money you’ve made or are you the places you’ve been? Are you your art or your profession? Are you other people’s opinion of you? Are you defined by your mistakes or the way you overcame them? Have you been given a title or did you create one for yourself? Have you ever met someone who thought they were everyone? Who are you? Really. I tend to believe in the pieces of me. Many components layering experience upon color and strength upon struggle. I have deep faith in momentary awareness. Perfection is an obscene thought yet many bear down and strive for the possibility. Influence may shape us but what is the part of us that never changes? The source that offers an individual soul and unique fingerprint. There is peace and happiness at the core. The truth at the heart of the matter makes us one of a kind. To live an authentic life we are required to stay present in the passing moments and choose to show up for the part of ourselves we value as most honest. Creating a practice makes telling our story much simpler. The more we ask ourselves the more the answers are revealed. I see you, do you see me? Are you enjoying yourself? The more I learn me, the better I am able to understand you. Strip down to your essence. Embrace the naked truth. Breathe, listen, love, enjoy. I am me. Who are you?



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The New Moon is known to represent a rebirth of sorts. As I set my intentions inviting fresh perspectives into my life, I can’t help but consider the elements I might need to release in order to create room for growth. While excited about my current manifestations I’ll admit I feel uneasy about letting go. Honoring this sensitivity within, it is time to explore. Rather than cleansing such resistance I quickly realize that I have the power to change my relationship with said information. Just because someone says something, does it make it true? No. We know the truth by the way it lives in our body. We know it’s true when the feeling prompts productive thought patterns and when these thoughts are shared they will lead us into inspiring conversation. Language and the power to interpret information in a way that supports each of us is one of our greatest gifts as human beings. Collectively we call true friendship into our lives. You will know it when you find me. When I speak of truth I mean to imply our highest awareness of love. Naturally, this begins as an internal dialogue, which puts the meaning behind most everything we choose to outwardly express. Now, if we pay a little extra attention to these details and allow space for expansion we are bound to improve our own success rate moment by moment. What a unique experience! As I let this sensation guide me, I am aware that I am not in control and that I am divinely supported in each new moment. As long as I am willing I will rise. In with the new doesn’t necessarily have to mean out with the old. On Earth we spin in awe with both the light and dark of the Moon. I too will remain in harmony with this cycle, effortlessly revealing new parts of myself.

There is no beginning. There is no end. There is only Life.

Life is magic, really!

Everything is new, always and the moon tonight.



Sergey Kamu Tutt'Art@ (10)

When you listen with the intent to understand, all of creation becomes your guru.

Are you being guided or are you identifying with a person, place or thing? Pure energy reigns supreme.

Your guru transforms pain into purpose and poignant peace settles in.

The playful musicality of the muse may be perceived as insensitivity but the guru offers consistent positive interpretations.

This type of energy is revolutionary and raw.

The kinship stems from a foundation of continual growth and loving unpredictability.

The guru is warm and steady as the sun.

The muse blooms at dawn and tells tales of rebirth all season long.

Only the Lord is without a woman and only a woman ignorant to her Art is without a muse.

She gives him life and his gifts of inspiration are hers everlasting.

Together they exist in space without time.

She was the guru since forever and he would eternally be her muse.